Top 5 Signs You Are a TRUE Leo

Why Are Leos SO Emotional Inside?

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2 г. назад

Get your free & personalized horoscope reading here... Some signs in the zodiac are more emotional than others and although they might hide it well the Leo is often more on the emotional side of the spectrum. But why are Leos so emotional? In today’s investigation into the Leo personality of men and women everywhere we’ll try to answer this question. Leos are ruled by the Sun, Fire and Fifth House and in general they tend to radiate a lot of power. This often hides their more sensitive and emotional side from other however deep down they really can be quite touchy when it comes to certain things (like their pride for instance). They can be fairly easily offended if a person is willing to ’push the right buttons’ and an emotional Leo (although not as emotional as say, Cancer) is definitely prone to outbursts every now and again.